Attributes of Magento Hosting Service in India

Magento Hosting

Magento is a high performance and robust ecommerce platform that is supported by Zend PHP and MySQL databases. Its user friendly architecture allows interfacing with wide array of applications and the platform enables you to arrange your products to gain the maximum visibility and ease of management during transit. Users are able to customize their ecommerce site by adopting a broad spectrum of promotional tools.

Powerful and responsive ecommerce hosting

Access some of the most effective marketing and promotional tools that guarantee ecommerce success with help of Magento. It helps ecommerce merchants analyze customer responses and behavior to custom design the site for optimum results by using Google Analytics.

With reputed Magento hosting service in India you can access its powerful SEO engine to improve your understanding regarding preferences of customers to design relevant marketing strategies. It also helps you control inventories at the very last moment. Magento is an ideal ecommerce platform to gain better visibility in search engine results.

It is very easy to design compelling ecommerce sites by using its attractive ecommerce script. Yu can also improve product displays by adding more than one image. Customers can enjoy shopping at Magento powered sites with superior product searches and sorting options by sizes, price, style, and much more.

Ideal site management

Magento hosting allows management of multiple sites by using a single login for administration. You can also setup user types with customizable permissions and use its templating engine for enhanced customization of themes. Magento empowers users with a built-in CMS for managing content, pages, landing pages, and blog posts to name a few. Your ecommerce store can also be provided with cutting edge security features and anti-Spam measures such as CPTCHA.

Magento hosting basics

It is found the most of the Magento hosting service providers in India provide facility of one click installation that takes care of everything that is required for running Magento solution. In case you have plans to install Magento by yourself, then it is recommended that the host offers LAMP stack.

Support for HTTPS can be considered on the basis of payment gateway. In order to offer greater security you may think of a hosting option that supports SSL encryption. This calls for a dedicated or VPS hosting due to requirement of dedicated IP address.

Features of enterprise edition

Magento enterprise edition offers remarkable support and is an extremely user friendly version. With this edition users are allowed to categorize customers according to many actors such as demographics, buying behavior and so forth. This facilitates proper targeting of promotional offers.

It also facilitates automated email marketing reminders that to customers that have not made any purchases and abandoned carts. The shopping experience of every customer is seamlessly maintained so that customers are saved from hassles of log in formalities during subsequent visits.

The edition also improves website performance by caching pages that do not require responding dynamically according to activities of customers. Users can also access Magento’s own payment gateway can also be used since it is flawlessly integrated with the application.

Magento hosting is preferred due to its power and intuitiveness. The sophisticated tracking tools and efficient inventory management functionalities can shoot up your store’s sales.

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