Essential Security Features to Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Every modern business employs computers and other technology to help organize data and run their business on a daily business. This means that data security is important to every business out there, but it’s especially important to healthcare businesses, which handle sensitive patient information and must comply with HIPAA regulations. While HIPAA standards are many and complex, this article will touch on a few of the main security features your technology systems must have in order to remain compliant. Keep reading to learn more.

Data Encryption

All patient PHI (Protected Health Information) must be completely encrypted when it’s stored as well as when it’s sent via email, SMS, or other methods. This encryption is essential to protecting the privacy of the data. If a security breach does occur and PHI is stolen, the encryption should make it completely undecipherable to the thief. 

Your clinic needs to not only be using storage methods that encrypt data but also employing communication methods that allow your patients to access their data without potentially compromising their PHI. Email encryption is one possibility, but many clinics now use online patient portals for improved security, as well as allowing patients to access their PHI whenever they desire.

Authorized User Monitoring

This one is a two-fold security measure. First, your data storage system must enable the creation of authorized users—that is, users who can log in to be given access to certain features and information. That information should be limited only to those users who require the information for their work, and the ability to limit users should be another feature of your storage system.

Then, you must be able to monitor what information is being accessed and when. This usually comes in the form of logs, which you can view to see what PHI has been accessed by which employees.

Automatic Logoff

Finally, your storage system, your computers, and any other technology that has access to PHI must be equipped with an automatic logoff feature. This is fairly standard in most computers and storage systems. When the software or computer sits idle for a certain amount of time, it should automatically log the user out and require a fresh login to access data.

Obviously, these three security features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to HIPAA compliance. It’s essential that you learn and understand all of the compliance regulations so that you can ensure you’re following them all. A managed IT support services company in Orlando can help with this.


Enterprise software development lifecycle

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development focuses on a company’s needs rather than individual user’s needs. Since enterprise apps are used within a company, they are developed based on the internal environment and business processes. Organizations of different sizes and industries have different demands. The goal of enterprise applications is to fulfill a company’s specific needs and meet specific business goals.

The majority of modern enterprise systems implement the SaaS model when software is developed using web technologies and is hosted on a cloud. Sofware as a service approach ensures rapid performance and flexibility of a system. However, some organizations still prefer traditional desktop apps as they provide greater security and control.

6 steps of enterprise software development lifecycle

The development of enterprise software requires thorough preparation, careful planning, and well-established processes. A clear vision of the project’s goal and qualified implementation get a fair opportunity to penetrate the market and even set an industry standard.

Here is your step-by-step guide to efficient enterprise software development.

Product discovery

The product discovery phase involves an in-depth analysis of the organization’s needs. The process starts by gathering requirements from project stakeholders and adapting existing ideas to current workflows. In this way, you can answer some important questions that will affect the course of your enterprise software development project.

Planning and estimating

Planning determines the project roadmap for meeting business goals, budget, and deadlines. Effective planning helps allocate resources wisely and avoid typical stumbling blocks during software product development. With detailed technical specifications at hand, you can identify the rough estimates for delivering an MVP.


Armed with the results gathered in the discovery phase, product designers step into customer’s shoes and walk through multiple use scenarios. After determining usability logic, designers create functional prototypes of the future enterprise system. This approach eliminates the risks of system redesign at a later stage.


From now on, developers come into play: they will set up the cloud environment and create the business logic and the user interface. Focusing on the core features is critical while developing software for the enterprise. Remember that you don’t need the most advanced software. You need software that suits your organization and delivers business value. 


The quality assurance team will perform a series of manual and automated tests to ensure the quality of code and user experience, including functional, load, compatibility, performance, and security testing. Often it means going back to the previous stage to fix bugs and improve performance, but worry not — it’s a good thing. It’s always better to find the bug yourself than letting users find the bug for you.

Deployment and maintenance

At this stage, the freshly built and tested product moves to a production environment where users can see and try it out. Now is the best time to fine-tune your enterprise system by adding new features and improvements according to user feedback.


Technically, enterprise software development is a niche in software development. The main difference lies in the context of its use. While general software development refers to both customer-focused and business-focused products, enterprise software development targets specific organizations within a specific industry.


Basic Computer Maintenance Tips

If the computer is not performing well, or it shuts down unexpectedly, it is the right time to perform that basic maintenance tips. It is recommended to periodically update these tips to make sure that your devices are working with efficiency. Computer maintenance is not a tedious task, it just requires your day-to-day effort and carefulness while using your devices. It is vital to know how to browse the internet with appropriate keywords so that you can find better solutions to your technical problems if you are looking for a way to save money, but the best and the most reliable option is to let the experts handle it. The tips are easy to follow, they just need basic technical know-how. The basic Computer Repair Agency Ottawa maintenance tips are: 

  • Installing Current Operating system: It is vital to keep your operating system up to date, as that boosts the performance of the computer. It is recommended to run windows as the default setting for window updates in Install Updates Automatically, but there is a point to be considered and that is different apartments have distinctive settings.
  • If you want to check the updates, click on Start, select All Programs, and then select Windows Updates. If you see any update notification, you must click the Install Updates button. This process will ask for a restart after the updates are completed installing. 
  • If you are looking to check the settings for window updates, you must click on the START, select All Program, and select Window Update. There is an option of Change Setting on the left side and the option selected for installing windows updates is listed among the Important Updates.  
  • Clean Your Window Disk: You can utilize Disk Clean-up to decrease the number of unwanted files on the drives, which can help your PC run efficiently. It tends to delete temporary files and system files, clear the recycle bin, and remove other things that you might not require in the long run. Experts recommend cleaning the Disk thoroughly twice a month if you want to ensure the successful operation of your devices. 

You can follow the following procedure to delete the files: 

  • Open Disk Clean-up from the desktop, Click Start, point to All Programs Accessories System Tools and click Disk Clean-up. The Disk Clean-up dialog box would pop up. It would take a while to figure out, what files need to be deleted. In the Disk Clean-up dialog, choose the checkboxes for the file types that you want to remove, click OK, and click delete files. 


  • Protection Software: The other key tip to maintain the devices is to run malware software for protection. It is recommended to run software updates and scan the computers at least once a week. You should pay attention and ensure that your computer is free from malware. Updating software is crucial for your computers if you want your device to perform efficiently.
  • Cleansing the clutter in the Internet Browser: One of the most effective pieces of advice is to keep clearing the cache and cookies from your Internet browsers. It is suggested to repeat the task twice a week.
  1. Clear cookies to fix: It is an advisable option if you are facing sign-in problems or if you get error messages regarding setting user cookies. 
  2. Cleanse cache to fix: It is suggested to do so when pages get freezes up or don’t finish loading, outdated pages with old content, and online applications that do not respond effectively.

These are the basic Computer Repair Services tips that you can implement in your daily life to ensure effective functioning of the computers and uninterrupted utilization.   



Various Benefits of Private Cloud Server

Private Cloud is also called the internal or cooperative cloud and this cloud server delivers many benefits just like the public cloud. These benefits include:

  • Self-service
  • Elasticity
  • Scalability through the additional supervision 
  • Customization accessible from the dedicated resources over the computing infrastructure hosted on-premises. 

In addition to this, the private cloud transmits a high level of security system or privacy through either the company firewalls or inner hosting to secure the sensitive data that are not accessible by the third party. The private cloud expected the same staff, management, or maintenance outstanding as the traditional data center ownership. 

Below are a few amazing advantages of private cloud computing, so keep reading to know more –

  • One of the main advantages of the private cloud is that it enhances the level of supervision given to the organization. Due to which private cloud is only vulnerable for the single business that the firm having the capacity to set the environment or manage the same in a manner.
  • The private cloud technique may be included of hardware hosted locally as a capability owned by a business or this may be hosted by a cloud service provider. Virtual private cloud is generally paid for the rolling basis, while hardware or storage setting maintains the advantage of a secure exclusive network. The private cloud services provided, the company that is interested in this cloud while some do not have access to the capital required to invest in this site outcome. 
  • In the private cloud, Hewlett Packard has been the major player in the computing space over the years. This also offers robust services with supports for any business field. Customers can choose the hardware and the network setting that needed for the storage or computing needs.

So, if anyone is worried about the security of the data then no need to worried s they can find the best services from the WeHaveServers. Here, they can easily find experts that have years of experience in this field. Further, here people can also find many other beneficial servers as well.


Are you ready to switch over to a dedicated hosting server plan?

When it comes to web hosting options, you will settle for the fact that you get what you are paying for! But is true that with the support of a dedicated hosting service, you will get hugely benefitted from a flotilla of benefits. 

Even though a dedicated server is not apt for everyone and every business, but there could be a point when you would need to switch over to it, due to the huge advantages it provides. Not only does it easily get customized as per your business needs, but it also comes with an incredible bandwidth margin, and you get a good amount of privacy to enjoy. The best part is now you can enjoy bitcoin dedicated servers with no hidden fees. You will need to pay through Bitpay and get the hosting plan you wish to apply to your business. 

Highly trusted and easily accessible 

Without an iota of doubt, no other hosting plan is as reliable as a dedicated server. If you use a shared one, you would need to share the space with several other websites. It might end up sucking your resources too and no one enjoys slower speed limits, especially customers. 

With a dedicated server, it will be only you utilizing all the resources. You will have complete control over all the resources and enjoy maximum uptime at all times. You will also enjoy administrative access and this means you gain complete hands-on knowledge about how the server operates. You can customize or make changes too on your site, install or uninstall software and programs too. 

Highly secure 

With a dedicated server, you attain excellent technical support at all times. They are quick to resolve issues whenever they strike. They are aware of how much you are paying and hence ensure they work accordingly. 

These are one of the most secure server businesses enjoy. Since you would not be sharing it with a third party or parties, it’s as safe as a prison, with no room for malicious intrusion or any attacks whatsoever.


How to choose a proxy server?

Many users of the World Wide Web are often faced with all sorts of prohibitions and restrictions. To solve this problem, you can use different methods, among which one of the most popular is proxy servers.

Basic rules for choosing a proxy server
The number of available proxy servers is very large. They are classified according to several main criteria. One of the most important criteria is location.

The difference between Russian proxy servers and the rest is that they are located on the territory of Russia and are available to its residents, who use the services of a provider that has entered into an agreement with the hosting provider of the website. On the website you can choose a Russian proxy server. All proxy servers are subdivided into free and paid ones. The peculiarity of the former consists in the short time of their existence. The reason is that they can very quickly become overwhelmed by an excessive number of requests, which leads to a sharp drop in performance. However, in some cases, the use of public proxy servers is advisable. But at the same time, you need to be aware that not all of them provide the required level of security. In this regard, the utmost vigilance must be exercised when choosing them. Paid proxy servers don’t have these flaws. They are completely safe and provide users with the ability to effectively hide their IP addresses. In addition, their users can choose a proxy server according to the most important characteristics. Experts recommend paying great attention to the uninterrupted operation of proxy servers.

The most important functions of proxy servers
Since the user’s computer, when connected to the proxy server, establishes a connection with the site not directly, but through another computer with its own IP address, this approach makes it possible to solve the following tasks:

  • Provide anonymity. It should be borne in mind that only some types of proxy servers can solve this problem.
  • Effective protection against certain types of hacker attacks.
  • Connection to the server on which the user’s IP address is blocked.
  • Saving Internet traffic by compressing packet data.

Thus, with the help of proxy servers, ordinary users and IT professionals can solve a number of specific tasks. To choose a proxy server correctly, you need to match its characteristics with your needs.


7 Entrepreneurs Using Social Media to inspire others

Social media is a good source of becoming an entrepreneur. Anyone can generate a good income from their device by using the internet and social media. But the process of becoming a good entrepreneur is not as easy as you think. It is a long-term and time-consuming process.

Before initiating a successful and great product, an entrepreneur spends many years in the learning process. Social media helps all entrepreneurs to learn something new. Social media is providing millions of content for many skills. 

Through their blogs and YouTube channels, many famous entrepreneurs provide new ways of becoming promising entrepreneurs. It means that before spending thousands of dollars on e-commerce courses, you must gain some good advice from those who have spent many years as successful entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of seven famous entrepreneurs who are helping others through social media. Give a read and gain insight information for your career as an entrepreneur.  

Reza Satchu

Reza Satchu is a well-known and very successful entrepreneur who has had plenty of success in starting, growing, and selling companies for profit. As the Co-Founder of Alignvest Management and Next Canada, you will also find many expert interviews and resource articles online in reference to his personal story, business skills, and expertise.

Outside of the media coverage and business articles you can find online, Reza can also be followed through various social media platforms as well. If you’d like to learn more about how Reza has perfected the art of starting successful companies, be sure to follow him on Twitter.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson introduced the Virgin group. He uses social media and shares many different strategies and tricks for becoming a successful person. For becoming a successful businessman, Richard Branson shares business tricks and inspiring quotes. Because of his impressive leadership capacity, more than 12 million people learn from him through Twitter.

According to Branson, “if you think that you are right in every field, you are not able to gain more knowledge and improve yourself.” The image of Branson on his Instagram inspires all his followers to work harder and harder. Never compromise on your goal is the primary mission of Richard Branson. One day you will be the next Branson if you work skillfully. 

James Altucher

An erstwhile entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, and blogger, James Altucher is now working as a podcaster and selling author. He is playing as a role model on Linkedin, and about 945,000 people follow him on LinkedIn. James is in the list of the top 10 most effective personalities who write about building up your interest in something. James writes about how you can become a happy person and how you can deal with failures.

About 200,000 people are following James on Twitter. He shares many pictures of famous folks along with his motivational quotes. His recent quote is, “each time you say yes to something you don’t need, your fire begins to disappear. You will get worn out.”

 Ali Brown

Ali Brown is a Business Mentor and also plays a role as a host in the Glambition Radio podcast. She is a prominent Entrepreneurial mentor for women. Brown offers different tips and useful strategies for a successful business. More than 200,000 people follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and on her website Ali Brown.

Brown shares her success stories and motivational content about her career as a successful entrepreneur. Most people are inspired by her motivational articles. 

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a famous entrepreneur and actively tweets and updates his followers across many of the most well-known social media platforms. The first company, Gary Wine Library TV, was a successful company that acquired fame on wine content review. Now, Gary is a controller of a digital agency VaynerMedia. Through this agency, he gives useful information and advice about entrepreneurship.

Gary provides insight knowledge about marketing, how to sell something and information about social media.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone inspires all the followers to make their mission successful people. He is a good career counselor, expert businessman, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. He shares useful tips about life careers on his Twitter account, Facebook, and Linkedin. The quote he recently posted is, “Great and successful people never compromise on a few good things; they always want to move ahead than other people.”

The passion of Grant is to boost up the people. All his followers gain inspiration from his inspirational talks and significant tricks about business.

Neil Patel

If you’ve ever done anything in the world of online marketing or SEO, you will likely have seen the name Neil Patel all over the place. Having been in the industry for many years, Neil first got started at a very young age. Today, he runs several multi-million dollar companies, while also working with plenty of Fortune 500 companies.

When it comes to social media, this is one area where Neil also excels. Not only does he have a massive following on social media, he also enjoys connecting with others and sharing powerful resources as well.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I want to say that all the famous entrepreneurs are playing an impressive role for others. Not only have they allowed us to easily connect with other influencers and global experts, they’ve also leveled the playing field for anyone wanting to get started.

We must gain some advice from these entrepreneurs because they have more experience in entrepreneurship. Try to follow them on social media and see their posts regularly about business and other fields.  


Buy Star Wars the Old Republic Levelling Guides and Gear For Your Game

If you’re looking for a new Star Wars game to play then you should definitely consider playing SWTOR. It is currently the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the world. Millions of Star Wars fans have gotten hooked on this exciting game and are now looking for ways to get additional rewards, mostly through credit sales. Credit grinding in other MMORPGs can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming, but with SWTOR you can get tons of cheap stuff that you can sell to other players. This article will show you how to buy Star Wars the Old Republic Credits in order to make more money.

You can start the game by getting yourself some really good equipment. The best gear and weapons in the game are sold in the Galactic War section of the website. Make sure to talk to your friendly guide first so you know which gear and which weapons you need for the different levels in the game. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can start looking for rare items that you can sell for credits. You may also want to look for rare items that can be combined to make powerful new weapons or armor.

In order to buy swtor credits at you first need to buy the game. Unfortunately, this game is currently only available in English. Luckily there are a few websites that cater to people who speak other languages. These websites offer a lot of great products for low prices and shipping is even free in many cases. If you’re willing to wait a while for these products to arrive then you should definitely consider buying some.

Once you have gotten a good grasp of the game and have some extra cash, you should then consider buying some leveling guides. They can teach you everything you need to know about the game. The leveling guides also make it much easier to level up quickly once you get the hang of things. They will also help you get your powers and abilities at a faster rate. These are invaluable tools that you will find extremely helpful.

A couple of other great things to add to your store account are a couple of expansion packs. Right now there is the Revenge of the Sith expansion pack as well as the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. These expansions increase your ability to earn credits and experience. You will also get special items that can only be obtained through these expansions. For example, you will be able to use the code christening to give yourself an exclusive title.

If you aren’t happy with the limited selection of items and wish to be able to buy more then you have two other options. If you have enough gold you can buy Swtor accounts from other players on the Internet. These accounts come with limited access and cannot be traded or shared with others. However, they’re great for leveling up quickly and you can try them out before you decide to buy store credits from a site online. Either way, you can easily earn enough gold and other items to get you by in the game without having to use any credit at all. You can also play other games like eso with eso gold


Best Sites to Buy Real Facebook Likes & Followers in 2021

When you have to make a hype or get likes or followers, one of the social platforms you surely must use is Facebook.

Social network analytics and advertisement are a large part of social marketing. Many organizations take better tools such as paying Facebook likes, buying Facebook followers, or shares to help individuals or brands boost their web presence.

Much better you like your site or article, so it is likely to go up, but people will find this more. If you like to get a rise to your Facebook page or page, you should try out some of the sites below in this post.

Let’s get started.


Viralyft is a source for your social media posts to obtain authentic tips, raise followers, and to have a better profile.

It has a region-specific option so that you can go for Indian likes, the US likes, or the UK likes, so focusing on your need.

Depend on the number of likes you like, and you will buy a diverse set. Just send your desired post or page’s URL and sit back and need them to do their stuff.

You will spend your money and on your post, get actual views, feedback, or engagement.

Social Packages

Media Bundles also give input, post likes, opinions, etc., except for Facebook likes. They say after 24 hours of placing your order, you will see a rise in your fandom.

They also say that it could provide you with high growth in the long run, and as it’s fast likes, you get as good as new from them, raise your page’s prestige and make it viral.

The quick spike in the size of followers, though, leads to a little doubt and undermines the fact that they say it is pure love, which might surely take time to master.


Those who sell many deals that are effective for specific needs and the number of fans that you target.

While there is no definite plan for how they use it on their website, they also directly give views for Facebook sites and marketing efforts. To prove their case, they waugh good service but have very few quotes.

Individuals also plan to work with hours, which could let you doubt the price. Go into their money-back turn ensures, too, if you want to go on.

When it comes to strategy, the impact of Facebook should not be doubted, and the base of your Facebook marketing effort is like your product pages.

Social Viral

Web Viral runs direct ads to get you more likes, trying to be the latest Facebook Fan Base Fix. Such policy ensures that you earn likes from current users on Facebook and that new likes are not lost.

But this is a smart idea; in just 12-24 hours of placing orders, it is a little possible to say how this can be defined or tested.

Individuals do, indeed, back their point with a 100 profit offer that states that you should be refilled or billed if you do not get progress in five days.


In the last five years, Famoid has been a solid player in the market. They give assured consistency and strive to be one of the few firms that ensure their output.

Famoid says that from accounts, the views they aid you gain are and exist. They let you get true like and images from accounts that are total.

They will also work on having likes for your websites, images, or rating and the likes for your Facebook fan page, which looks like an outstanding deal.

They also served all sorts of firms, from smaller firms to Fortune 500 businesses.

They use the periodic drip-fed method to work monthly to build the fan base quickly and slowly than just adding a large number of fans simultaneously.

The real downside looks to be just enough to grow your likes. And you’re in a rush of time, and you may still be going else.

Famoid insists that you are fulfilled from start to end with pay service, a staff of skilled staff, and a talent for résultat, our trials have also shown them as a valued supplier without extra decent prices.

It’s one of the safest bets on today’s list if you still need great publicity to gain legitimacy for your site!

Best Sites to Get More Followers

Facebook might not limit the sale of more likes from you. But, often, it might alert you if it thinks something suspicious from the edge.

Selling is both a science and an art, and the ploys you pursue must be following Facebook’s policies.

But, if you’re out there to obtain Facebook likes for your fan page, make sure you truly grasp what the seller is selling or how long it might serve you.

As it affects that you can start your look for providers, this list may pick the right Facebook platform.