Becoming a successful retail Forex trader – is it possible?

retail Forex trader

You probably became interested in the idea of Forex trading because you may have heard it from friends or come across some Forex trading commercials. And all you hear about trading in Forex is that you can get rich with very little money.

The simple answer is that Forex can earn you a lot of money if you enter the right side of the market. Of course, you can also find yourself losing money just as quickly by being on the wrong side of the market. And cutting your losses or letting a winning position turn into a losing position before you exit.

Becoming rich in forex trading is a difficult goal to achieve?

Even in developed countries, the majority of people are not wealthy, and again, this is explained by the fact that to achieve this, you will have to make efforts, become a leader in your field, develop your business and be sufficiently motivated and efficient to keep him on top and perform. In trading, it is also the same thing. You have to have a real trading plan (business plan) and know how to respect it and stick to it.

The point is that the majority of traders either speculate in the financial markets without a trading plan or strategy or do not stick to the plan when they have one. Retail traders too often seek simplicity and do not necessarily seek training first before investing; they also get too easily overwhelmed by emotions and fall into the trap of emotional trading and overtrading.

Stop loss strategy

A stop-loss is designed to limit a trader’s loss on any position. Setting a stop-loss order at 1% below the price at which you bought the pair will limit your loss to 1%. A trader will usually set a limit at a certain price level and if it reaches below that limit, it is best to sell or buy once it hits that expected level. To find out why stop-loss is crucial while trading cryptocurrencies, visit this website:  

Choose your broker wisely.

Knowing how to trade is one thing. The other thing is knowing to whom you entrust your money. Therefore scrutinize the offer of many online brokerages online. Search for the necessary info regarding trading conditions. You may find them in brokerage reviews such as t1markets review. Make comparisons and find what suits you best.

Stay up to date with current market issues

In addition to knowing basic trading procedures, day traders should keep abreast of the latest market news and events that affect Forex – the Fed’s interest rate plans, the economic outlook, and more. Do your homework. Make a wishlist of the pairs you want to trade and keep up to date with markets in general. Many pairs are particularly sensitive to trading news, such as commodity pairs USD, AUD, CAD etc. Scan business journals and visit trusted financial websites. Being in the know is one of the most important things. You need to stay awake and aware of what’s going on in the world to know how it might affect your investments and then act on it.

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