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A leader has to take particular steps and a direction that may require a lot of courage. If there are issues in a business or its strategy, then the leader has to stand up and listen to the problems and do the right thing. Once a leader is clear, there is no space to second guess or hesitate. Moreover, teamwork in any organization is a set of interrelated behavior, cognition, and attitudes (Sessa & London, 2006 –

Teamwork is an elusive phenomenon that still becomes an issue in an organization even after a lot of research. Also, many researchers believe that while building leadership, there is an essential role of psychological capital. Therefore, to develop and sustain a competitive advantage, the organization has to invest in human resources in a better and innovative manner. A good leader should have the ability to manage their talent and make their employees to follow and become an inspiration to think innovatively. Moreover, a leader must possess psychological capacities and have the highest sense of truth to achieve their organizational aims.

The team members also need to have the readiness to recognize that changes are a positive thing, and they must stimulate and support learning. A group becomes mature and robust when they work together and become increasingly active by producing much better results. For a group to become knowledgeable, it has to have mutual trust and realize the fact that they can provide a better result as a group identity rather than working alone.

Another aspect that is provided in one of the articles is team coaching. This phenomenon allows team members to stretch beyond their abilities. The coach can also introduce new ideas by partnering with the team and improve their performance. A team coach has to facilitate learning and focus on the whole team and not just individuals. This team coaching enhances team effectiveness. While building a team coach, it is necessary for the leader to understand the complex organizational and employees’ dynamics (Heifetz, 2010). Also, they need to prepare themselves for any kind of unpredictability since it is not possible to expect to drive the employee’s direction and get a specific outcome. Therefore, it is vital for the coach to learn the ways in which the team works and then work accordingly. Some approaches are established for team coaching, but they all are based on one thing, and that is well-established psychological principles and recognizing the individual’s performance (Hackman & Wageman, 2005).

It is also necessary for an excellent coach to be skilled at understanding, managing, and identifying boundaries. There are many relationships that a coach needs to be attuned of and they have to work in a lot of relational units. Some of the groups include individual coaches, the organization, and most importantly, the team as a whole. Becoming a coaching leadership is a productive approach, but it does not always have immediate results. Therefore, such leaders need to understand that it is not necessary to pressurize the group to change too much and be more patient.

Lastly, it is noteworthy to realize that psychological capital improves adaptive work, and there is a differential contribution between HERO (Hope, Efficiency, Resilience, and Optimism) and adaptive work (Day, Gronn, & Salas, 2004). This means that people learn and evolve, so if team members are performing mutual performance monitoring and back-up behavior, then the team can adapt and readjust their strategies.

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