Choosing the right video management software

video management software

Depending on the nature of your organization’s work, the video management software you choose should completely cover all of your security needs. Fortunately, many security software companies provide flexible services that can be tailored to your specific needs and the scope of your facility. You might need variety in your recording options, and you might have hardware concerns that need to be considered as well. Depending on what the nature of your business is, you’ll want to tailor in specific issues that your security system needs to be vigilant of.

Assess potential security issues

If you are running an airport, a government facility, or a corporation, you’ll have particular security risks that are specific to your line of business. The video management system you choose should be able to cater to your specific security needs. For example, theft might be the biggest risk to your facility. It can also be vandalism or attacks. Video management can also be beneficial in terms of the changes you can make to run a more efficient or profitable facility.

Qognify, a security software company, offers video analytics that can independently assess specific situations that can possibly indicate a security risk.

Factor in the scale of your facility

Whether you have a large facility or a small one, your security system should be tailored to focus on risks specific to the scale of your facility. For example, large facilities with large perimeters are prone to intrusions. Video management for a large facility should be able to strengthen security on the perimeter to prevent unauthorized entries. Smaller facilities might need video management software that can focus on restricting access to specific rooms, floors, or areas. If you have a facility with many branches in different locations, you’ll need video management that can efficiently centralize security efforts in a single monitoring location.

Check the software’s packaged features

Video management packages often come with additional perks and features that you can add depending on your needs. Do you need additional software that can analyze specific movements? Do you need to have your surveillance recognize specific objects, vehicles, or individuals? Qognify, in particular, includes great video analytics in their video management package. The software you choose should be able to include features that can cater to your specific needs and potential security risks.

Take a look at your hardware

Depending on thevideo management system, you might need to purchase new IP cameras. However, there are systems and software that are able to incorporate many kinds of cameras into modernized security systems. Even analog cameras can be hooked up to a network alongside newer IP cameras.

Consider your storage needs

Larger facilities tend to need large storage, and can need more and more as time goes on. Your software choice should be able to meet your storage needs or at least be able to adapt to different storage solutions. You can also choose different kinds of storage, physical or virtual or both, which your chosen video management software should be able to provide.

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