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If you need a developed IBM i, iSeries, your System i, or your AS400 cloud backup recovery plan, then you need the Cloud400 DR. this is the only one that you can count on because it is tested regularly and all the elements are certified to work as expected. Your business cannot afford the loss of your system downtime.

The Cloud400 DR will be able to provide you with a multiple IBM disaster recovery, an iSeries disaster recovery solution that will be perfect for different Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as well as the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements of any business. Even though the IBM i is known for its reliability, it cannot be avoided that downtimes may happen.

The Cloud400 – What You Need To Know

If you need a recovery plan that can meet your RTO and RPO, it is highly recommended that you use Highly Available (HA). This solution is the quickest when it comes to recovery time. It can only take minutes, instead of days. Your data is being replicated all the time across the wire into your Cloud400 DR backup.

Why Choose Cloud400 DR?

One of the main reasons why this is very popular worldwide is because it is way cheaper compared to the other options. This is 30% to 70% less expensive compared to other HA server or other hosted solutions. In addition to that, it may be easier on the budget but the performance is still top notch. With the Cloud400 DR, you will only pay for what you need and only for the kind of backup and recovery level that you want.

Recover From Daily Backups In Less Than 24 Hours

Aside from the fact that the Cloud400 DR is a very affordable recovery option, you will also be able to save from your IBM i production server and then on your VTL or Virtual Tape Drive. Then this can be sent to change your Cloud400 data vault on a daily basis. Because of this amazing speed, it will reduce your backup window. This data deduplication thins out the data that is encrypted which will then be transmitted to Cloud400. So in cases of disaster, your data will be restored to a Cloud400 backup server. This will take around 6 to 24 hours. Remember that the RTO will depend on the time of your last backup replication.

Customer Feedbacks

Before giving it a go, it is best if you can hear what previous clients have to say about the Cloud400 DR. So here are some of the most memorable feedbacks left on the website from the loyal clients of Source Data Products. According to Barry Cole, IT Manager, transfering to Cloud400 MIMIX Hosting is the unexpectedly smooth. David Strawn, Vice President, also believed that the new on-premise production server with a HA replication to cloud400 is very effective for the business.

Source Data Products is known for the amazing service that they provide to their clients. With the Cloud400 DR, the recovery process when disaster hits will be faster and more convenient. This means that your business can go on as usual.

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