Four stages to successful image annotation outsourcing

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Image annotation outsourcing became a primary focus of all successful AI companies that attempt to enhance machine learning data. It is the advancement of every machine that lies at the soul of the industry. However, the challenge remains in outsourcing to the best partner, providing high-quality data at an affordable cost. Helpware is a company, providing best-level image and video annotation services for different industries, as a part of the Taskware project. Their outstanding reputation and a significant number of clients have proven a high level of service delivery, where a business gets micro-tasking performed within the required time frame and according to the demands to learn and scale.

In the terms of advancing your machine learning models, here are four stages to successfully outsource your image annotation:

Step 1: Testing the authenticity of the data

The crucial point to bear in mind is how you need your data to be handled and, thereafter, the image annotation to be verified. Classifying images is something to consider in appraising the annotator’s work. However, human participation can be affected by biased determinations, which would require the processing of the data step by step. Multi-blind verification, where two or more people annotate the image, will enable handling the bias and determining the proper label using either consensus (choosing the most common label) or adjudication (supervisor determines the most suitable one) methods.

Step 2: Appraise the samples

Prior to choosing an outsourcing partner for your image annotation process, it is highly recommended to view the data and demos of their work. It can be done via the company’s website, where the work is demonstrated, or by straightforwardly requesting some samples to be provided for you. Either way, you will be able to evaluate and understand whether the specific company is capable of reaching your requirements and demands.

Step 3: Clearly define your quality standards

With a variety of annotation methods in place, it is highly essential to choose the right one for your business. Such essential aspects as quality, format, file type, and deadlines should be communicated directly to your partner company in order to avoid any errors or misunderstandings. Through expressing your objectives, you will be able to understand whether the company is capable of doing what you demand.

Step 4: Choose your outsourcing partner wisely

Having so many companies providing image annotation services, it is complicated to choose the best of the best. Ensure that the outsourcing firm is reliable and verified, as well as, provides high-quality service according to the highest standards. Helpware is recognized as one of the leading companies in providing outsourcing solutions and is trusted by major market players within seven different industries.

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