How to deal with common computer issues at home

computer issues
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Everyone today owns a computer. You can’t imagine your life without it and if you are regular user, then you are bound to face some issues as well. After all, computer is just a machine and every machine gives problem at least once in a lifetime.

If you are a regular user of a computer, then you must update yourself with resolving some common issues that might crop up. Thankfully, there is a solution to every problem you could be facing with your system. You don’t need be a computer professional to tackle these problems. Just some basic knowledge is enough to resolve these issues. Let us see some of the common computer issues that occur while using a computer and how should you deal with them.

Some of the common issues that most of the computer users experience are internet connectivity, driver problem, Virus issue, computer shutdown and computer running slow. Below is the solution that you could try from your end before you think to call a professional:-

Errors due to driver issue – Applications are important for someone to work on a system and drivers are the soul of these applications. However, these drivers can get corrupted easily and you might face some errors like printer not working, display card issue, sound card issue, USB not connected. Whenever you face such problem, the first thing to check is the status of your driver. Sometimes those drivers get uninstalled automatically due to some virus or they are updated. You need to keep updating your drivers regularly to avoid such problems. In order to update, just go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the compatible drivers with your device and update them. When you run the software, it will automatically update the drivers.

Internet connectivity issue – Internet is everywhere you go and every now and then you face connectivity issues. In case you are facing connectivity issues like slow connectivity or no connection, the best way is to power cycle the router or your modem. Most of the problems get solved by doing this basic troubleshooting. Recheck all the cables and setting of your router. If still facing issue, then you should call your ISP.

Computer shutting down – Computer shutting down is the most challenging problem because there could be variety of reasons as to which why your computer is shutting. However, the basic rules to follow are, check all the cables if connected properly, if the computer is overheated, if the system registries are corrupted. Simple solutions could be remove your computer from the current place and connect it somewhere else. If that‘s not an issue, run a registry mechanic to see if the problem is with them.

Virus issues – Virus is annoying software that get installed on your computer automatically and start creating problems. Every computer needs to have anti-virus software installed to ensure no virus is installed on your system. If it does, then it can create serious problems like corrupting your files or your computer completely.

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