How to increase productivity in your workplace

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Take care of employees’ attitude

Appropriate attitude to work is one of the key elements influencing productivity. It is up to us, as the person managing the team, how its members will approach work. A good atmosphere is the key to ensuring that employees are willing to perform their duties. A bad atmosphere may contribute to even your best employee thinking of leaving.

When hiring new employees, it is worth setting specific and easy-to-achieve goals for them. So that they can bring them satisfaction with their first successes. At the same time, it will reduce their stress level related to finding themselves in a new environment, and will make them familiar with their duties. Bigger challenges should only be imposed over time, gradually, with more and more involvement of new team members.

Use marketing tools that automate your work

This is especially true for marketing companies, but not only. Automate what you can. Use all sorts of programs to do some of the work for you. During this time, you and your team will be able to spend time performing other duties. Many items can be automated. Starting with posting with social media management tools, then automating processes such as shortening links, and ending with mailing or offline activities.

Discover the possibilities

Our moods and performance fluctuate throughout the day. Each of us is most productive at certain times of the day. For example, some people are morning people and are most productive and concentrated in the morning. For others, evenings are the most productive time of the working day. Who knows, maybe changes in working hours will turn out to be a game-changer?

Find out what hours you work best and, if possible, create your work schedule around your peak periods of efficiency and productivity.

Set realistic goals

Nobody likes to be in a situation in which an impossible goal has been set before them. It is very stressful. Of course, in the short term, this can increase productivity. However, in the long run, this type of functioning model is destructive both for individuals and for the entire team.

The ineffectiveness of setting unrealistic goals in front of your employees has been demonstrated by the practices of large corporations that have withdrawn from this method of management. This is especially important now, when more and more people talk not about the employer market, but the employee market.

Invest in communication technology

To many challenges that companies already had, the new one came into life: remote work. Creating a home office or work space may require some investment.

A good Internet connection with high bandwidth is extremely important when working remotely. A reliable Internet provider and a reliable router will save you a lot of trouble with technology. Working from home often involves more than just sending emails and chatting. Sometimes you need to videoconference, upload or download large files. Nothing kills your productivity when you work remotely like frequent network problems and lack of Internet access. Make sure you use the right video conferencing tool, too – LiveWebinar comes in handy here.

It is also worth investing in high-quality headphones with a microphone. The noise canceling feature can really help improve the quality of your phone calls. Look for a headset that offers long battery life for wireless headsets, Bluetooth compatibility, noise-canceling microphone, etc. All these parameters will help you make your remote work a little easier. With good headphones you will hear clearly and clearly what other people are saying and vice versa.

Depending on the nature of the work, it may also be necessary to purchase other hardware or software. Don’t be stingy and save unnecessarily if it is going to have a negative impact on your productivity. Invest in what you really need to do your job comfortably and efficiently.

Give your employees development opportunities

Provide your employees with training, courses and workshops. Try to regularly give them opportunities to develop their competences, in the areas of sales, management, or even customer service. The broader the scope of knowledge and competences of your team, the greater its productivity. This type of translation is very simple.

In addition, an additional factor is important here. When the people you work with feel they can grow with you, they become more loyal, they feel valued and important. This significantly translates into work efficiency. For employees, the opportunity for professional development is very important, sometimes more than the actual level of earnings.

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