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The holiday season is the perfect time we have to show love and care to our family and friends. Therefore, we are always busy trying to come up with great and unique gifts to send them. There can never be a more significant way to express this feeling than sending warm wishes by using customized holiday photo card templates. Companies have invented digital software on their websites that are easy to use and help us develop an awesome card that will be appreciated by our loved ones. With the right software, you will come up with just the perfect card. Here are ideas for creating a unique card:


This is the first thing that will help you create a good impression. 2-5 colors are a great way to start off your card. Try not to overdo or use very plain colors. Red, white and green will most likely fit, although you can add others like blue and gold.

Font and style

Look for a festive-looking font. The message on the card can either be handwritten or written with the help of a computer. If you decide to go for the computer, make sure you choose a unique font to please the eye and the heart.

Choose the right quality photo

The image you choose to incorporate in the card must have a high-quality resolution to create an excellent initial impression. Make sure to also edit the photo to your liking before uploading.

Use the appropriate background.

The right background must accompany a good photo. Decide also whether the picture should cover the entire page or leave space for a decorative border that can be used to frame your photos.

Incorporate everyday photos

This will require you some creativity to create a card that will be treasured for years to come. Collage the pictures to bring out a unifying theme. You can use new babies, graduation, or even marriage photos to create this effect. These photos together tend to give a story of what has been going on in the family’s recent past.

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Why use computer-generated cards

Many people nowadays have busy schedules that prevent them from writing and making personal greeting cards to their loved ones. Software generated cards are generally time-saving and low cost; they take 10-15 min to make from the comfort of your home. The companies also give you a wide range of templates to choose from according to your preference. There is an option to customize the message on the card as well. One will then have a view of the sample before shipping the finished cards to their designated address.

Besides greeting and holiday cards, software programs are helpful for every holiday and occasion. They have themes for Valentines, birthdays, Easter, and more. Custom cards also aid companies in reaching out to their customers to grow their business. Times have changed, and we no longer have to spend a lot of materials to make cards. Mixbook Photo Co. has all these concerns covered, including Thanksgiving cards, Halloween cards, and wedding invitations.

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