Reasons that make Galaxy Note 5 the much awaited phablet of the year

Reasons that make Galaxy Note 5 the much awaited phablet of the year

The market is filled up with all new smartphones and tablets that are launched every few days by some of the top companies or brands. With so many brands or models only few single out that is recognized globally by users due to its top notch feature and functionalities. The Galaxy Note 5 is one such and it is mostly due to the fact that Note 4 was quite successful in creating a wave with its enhanced and improved features. This year too Samsung is all set to launch the all new Galaxy Note 5 by the end. If reports are to be believed the brand is keeping no stones unturned with this highly anticipated launch of the year.

Multi-tasking made easy

The Galaxy Note 5 comes with increased functionalities and features that make it amongst the much awaited and popular phablets of the market. There are some other models launched recently and it will definitely give tough competition to Note 5. But there aresome features with Note 5 that makes it even more capable and suitable compared to its competitors. The model comes with LPDDR5 DRAM that features Emmc memory and this specialty of Note 5 will give every user never before performance making it the best in the lot. It is also expected that Note 5 will comewith 8 GB RAM and an internal memory of 64 GB that can be expandable up to 128 GB.

All new platform and facelift

The makers of Galaxy Note 5 are ensuring every possible way to lure customers and millions of fans all over the world with this new variant. The model comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system that will give users enhanced performance and features. The latest and updated version of Android will really make this new phablet a worth one. Alongside there are high performance processors that make Note 5 quite demanding. The design andnew look of Note 5 will also be another positive aspect that will lure customers. As a package the set has lot of things to offer which makes it a complete new phablet at an exciting price tag.

All improved display and quality

Samsung has always been providing its customers all new and improved things that make it quite popular in the market. The Galaxy Note 5 is no less as it comes with enhanced and much improved display section that sets up the tone. According to experts the all new Note 5 will come with High Definition 4K AMOLED display which will provide every individual enhanced video experience. The all-new 5.9 inch display will come with 733 PPI screen resolution that will definitely match the screen resolution of iPhone series. The best thing about Galaxy Note 5 is that it will offer 2160 x 3840 pixel resolutions that will support flawless High Definition video streaming and also provide high performance gaming experience. Nothing much is known about its camera specifications but it too will of great feature exciting every Note 5 enthusiasts.

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