The inevitable Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Following the latest technical inventions, Google has bagged to be the top most brand in the trade of smart phones. Google is the best brand serving with user-friendly devices along its journey of smart phones from the first itself. Google strictly follows the path to convey its users and effectively rises up its trade of smart phone. The invention of the Pixel series certainly depicts this. The models incurred in the Pixel series have effectively remarked to be the best in their times. From the first model to the most upcoming model of the Pixel series can be certainly conveyed as the best smart phone, this is because Google uses the latest available technology in the devices to make it more convenient for the users. The latest Pixel 2 which is will be released in the year 2017 in the month of October, has even started its counting on by the users.

The new Pixel 2 to be launched soon

Users certainly need the best relevant and friendly product, which the brand Google has opted to convey with its product. The new Google Pixel 2 which on its way to launch has yet conveyed the Google users to opt out for it with its streaming features and specs available on web. Even the top competitor apple will be launching i-phone 8 with the new Pixel 2 probably. Some of the harassed users of apple are even opting to grab one of the new Pixel 2 which is far above from the i-phone 8 because of its features and specs which are probably incurred in the new device that is Pixel 2.

The probable features and specs that are streaming on the web are rumors. This is so called rumor because the mentioned features and specs have not been yet clarified or declared from the Google brand officially. These rumors may be featured by some of the fans who can be so called as freaks. The higher expectation for their beloved brand lets them to do so. But this may be disgusting or deceiving for other users. The users need not follow the rumors and raise their expectations. This will certainly be convinced by the brand with the new Pixel 2 as it follows the trend of new effective technical uses in its device; the brand will never deceive its users and let them avail the use of latest technical facilities.

Pixel 2 features and specs found on web source are rumors-:

  • 5 inch Holographic display with 4K resolution and super amazing AMOLED display.
  • More than a laptop speed, the smart phone incurs 6 GB RAM
  • Octa-core Snapdragon processor 3.0+GHz or Exynos 16-core big.LITTLE.
  • Advanced touch ID button and retina scan technology.
  • 128 GB internal memory will certainly waive off the requirement of any external memory. You can store as much as you can.
  • 30 MP camera at rear and 10 MP camera at front is certainly very effective and highly defined camera which will define your work related with camera such as photography, videos and video calls.
  • Giga Pixel a new feature may be introduced with the new Pixel 2
  • 5G enabled new Pixel 2 is the next generation device.
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