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Marketing Strategies

The current world we live is an ad, ad world. Without ads, there would be no need for such things as television, radio, or social media. It goes without saying that we would then have to pay more for things we need. 86% of the population believe that ads are necessary for airing free content online. However, it does not give marketers the right to annoy us with advertisements. The following are four strategies by Oliver King, the Semalt expert, which can really make consumers happy.

Make it Personal

There is nothing that annoys potential customers than an obtrusive salesperson who tries to force you to buy this or that product at all cost. It is a huge turn-off and very ineffective when it comes to conversion. Consumers may tune you out or take note of your annoying behavior and vow to never engage with you or the brand you represent.

The social landscape is now taking on a more consumer-centric approach which is what the digital marketing strategy should reflect. Consumers have to be treated in the way they want to be treated. The only way they can achieve this is if they apply social monitoring and analytics. These help with identifying consumer sentiments so that marketers can target them if they are to engage in authentic conversations with them. By optimizing these aspects of the business, the marketer will be in a position to amp their SEO efforts.

Make it Relevant

As much as personalization is important, it is not possible to know who reads a particular post, what time they access it, and other stuff they may be interested in. The native network should help by offering recommendations to the content that consumers follow. Marketers should know that recommendations must be relevant to the tastes and preferences of a reader. If they include links to posts that are related to what the readers are interested in, but would otherwise not have found, then the site becomes a trusted and valued resource which is good for SEO. The result is that the publisher maintains a high revenue while at the same time giving consumers memorable content discovery experiences which will keep them coming back for more.

Make it Timely

There are a few things that consumers find annoying when it comes to digital marketing:

  • Coupons that spit out for an item they just purchased since they are useless to anyone with limited space or finances to stock up before it expires.
  • Repetitive ads on Facebook for goods or services they already bought.
  • The email subscription boxes that appear as soon as one finds their content.

Marketers must use digital marketing in a way that keeps consumers loyal to them. The mentioned annoyances may seem small, but little things add up. Due to the unlimited sources for things relevant to what they want, do not give them a reason not to choose the brand you are selling. With the reviews from customer feedback and social media, make sure to align all services closely to their needs.

Make it Relatable

The last but not the least tip is to create content which touches on relatable human emotions. Emotions are a great motivator. Some consumers may joke about how emotionally manipulative an ad is, but they never seem to forget it in the future.

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