Vidmate – An Application or a Software that Serves the Purpose of Browsing and Downloading Videos from Different Websites


Are you looking for a software with which you can browse as well as download your favourite videos at same time? Then, you are at right place. If you are looking for any software like this then you there is an application or software known as Vidmate. An all in one application which can let you browse through various videos and download your favourite videos on your local device from different social sites. All you need to visit the website on your Vidmate application and click on the download button. As of now, this application is only limited to Android phones but can be installed on your PC by using a simple trick.

Before getting started, let us see how you can get this application on your phone. Here are the tips on how to install Vidmate.

How to Install Vidmate?

Vidmate application is a part of 9apps application and it is tough to be found on Google Play store as it violates its policy. So, to download Vidmate you must first install 9apps.

  • Go to 9apps and search for Vidmate
  • Click on Vidmate from the dropdown list of the 9apps
  • Wait for the application to get downloaded
  • After downloading, click on Install and grant the permissions required by your Android device.
  • To Install it on your android device, follow these instructions, go to settings à Security à Device Administration à Turn on Unknown Sources
  • To install, it will take half or a minute to get installed.
  • After installing, enjoy your free movies and videos and download them for free.

Follow above simple steps to browse through your favourite videos and download it on the go.

What are the Features of Vidmate?

Apart from downloading and browsing through the videos, Vidmate can do more than that. With Vidmate, you can do all other stuffs such as converting your videos to mp3, sharing it on other platforms, and many more. Let us have a brief look at all the features of Vidmate.

Live TV

Vidmate has a feature of Live TV also which is included in its new update which is available in 2019 version of this application. You can watch live TV from channels like Sony, Zee, and many others.

Convert your videos to audios

Vidmate provides an easy access to converting your videos to audios. You can convert in the form of MP3, AAC, AA, AAX, and many others. You can also convert high quality videos to SD or low quality.

Gain free access to all YouTube videos

With Vidmate you can watch any Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and various other video sites. You have direct access to these online video streaming sites.

Works in background

If you have allowed permission in your Android phone for the working of application in the background, then you can put your videos to download or to converter and you enjoy other stuffs on your phone.

Supports multiple multimedia sites

On Vidmate you can browse videos from various multimedia sites such as Facebook, Tumbler, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, and many others. Not only this, you can even download your favourite videos from the multimedia sites.

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