What is fullerene c60? Where it is used?


Fullerene is the spherical shaped molecule filled with atoms. This is a carbon molecule with the arrangement of 60 molecular atoms. All the atoms are arranges in the polyhedron. This shape resembles the sphere. The entire fullerene is packed with the interconnected pentagons and hexagons. This is the nano-particle which is used mostly in the nano technology. The spherical shape is attained with the connection of carbon atoms connected through hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. This results in the bucky ball shape. As there are various carbon balls that are designed with the various number of carbon atoms including c70, c84, c76 and many other combinations. As c60 is the stable size and molecule used with various applications, it is on demand by every manufacturer. As the bucky balls can return to its original shape even after squeezing and bounces well. This works in high speed. This molecule is found in the space and the presence is not unknown still.

As said c60 is the strong molecule, it is made strong because of the covalent bonds among the atoms. It is a good electron acceptor that means it can accept electrons that are built loose. Due to this property, it is used in solar cells to convert the sunlight into electricity. It has active molecules which means, it is used in medicine. Due to the high affinity of the electro, it is used as the anti oxidant. It is also used in the anti-aging property and anti-damage property. Apart from medicinal effect, it is also used in the cosmetic industry. There are few applications of fullerene. They are

  • Solar cells
  • Protective eye wear
  • Hydrogen gas storage
  • Hardening agents
  • Medicinal applications
  • Artificial photosynthesis
  • Non-liner optics
  • Bio-logical application

Thus fullerene has the compatibility between each other bonds; the degree of its usage is in the compatible level. Since it has the best elastic property, it is mostly used in many industries these days. At first this molecule was used in the nano technology which in turn is used by many other manufacturers. The major advantage of c60 is in the medical field. This acts as the top antioxidant ever. As a fullerene manufacturer we recommend you to Buy C60 Fullerenes that are finely produced particle to understand the whole property. It is versatile in nature with the many scientific properties included. Fullerene is manufactured according to the customer need. Which means the quality is based on the product range. The ranges are fullerene extract c60/c70, fullerene c60 98+, fullerene c60 99.9+, fullerene c60 99+, fullerene c60 99.5+, fullerene c70 98+ and fullerene c70 99+. All these have excellent property. Thus consider your need and product quality before buying carbon fullerene.

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