What Is Whitelisting And Why Is It Useful


Billions of people use computers every day. Some people will use them for work, whilst others use them for recreational purposes such as browsing social media and playing computer games. You want your computer to be as efficient as possible, which means that every single application that is downloaded onto your computer needs to be screened.

Some programmes can be included on a whitelist that allows them to be downloaded onto your computer. Other programmes will be blocked. Why is the whitelisting process useful for your computer or laptop?

The Whitelisting Will Prevent Viruses Infecting Your Computer

Some programmes that can be installed on your computer are particularly vulnerable to viruses. These viruses might cause your computer to run slowly or you might find that some of your files become corrupted. You can hire a specialist company to perform application whitelisting for Windows so that all the applications that are susceptible to viruses are kept off your computer.

Then you can browse the internet or use the programmes on your computer without worrying that it is going to be infected with a virus that needs to be removed by a technician.

The Whitelisting Will Prevent Programmes From Making Your Computer Run Slowly

Whitelisting is not just for guarding your computer against programmes that are susceptible to viruses. The whitelisting process will only allow programmes that keep your computer running smoothly. Some programmes that you try to install will be simply too big for your hard drive to handle properly.

Once the whitelist has been created, the programmes that take up too much space on the hard drive will not be allowed. Then you can use your computer without worrying that files will take too long to open or web pages take too long to load.

The Whitelisting Will Prevent Malware Or Spyware Being Installed On Your Computer

Computer viruses can be extremely annoying, but they are mostly designed to stop your computer working or to make it run extremely slowly. It is more concerning if a programme on your computer contains malware or spyware. Hackers can use this malware or spyware to access your personal information, encrypt your files or even hijack your online banking account so that they can access your money.

This is something that every computer user wants to avoid at all costs. Whitelisting will only allow programmes which are completely free of malware and spyware. Your personal information will be safeguarded when all the computer programmes are successfully whitelisted. As well as whitelisting applications, it is advisable to store important information externally so that it can be recovered in the event of a malware or spyware attack.

You should compare several different companies when you want the whitelisting process carried out. Comparing their prices and experience is a good start. The company that you choose will guide

you through the entire process and they will explain why certain programmes have been allowed onto the whitelist.

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