Why business needs an ERP system

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The abbreviation ERP – literally translated as resource planning. In theory, such a program becomes a kind of enterprise strategy, within which management of certain areas will be taken into account:

  • finances – tax and accounting are kept, budget is planned;
  • labor personnel;
  • assets;
  • interactions with partners, maintaining a detailed history of customer transactions.

If we at WebSailors talk about the practical side of such a device, then this is a system that guarantees suitable software. Such as to automate one or more aspects of the organization. Moreover, not only the blocks listed above are optimized, but also many other processes. All results are entered into a common database, where they will be stored for several years.

If you understand what it is – the ERP program (ERP), then this is a whole range of activities. It includes actions for:

  • creating a model for managing all flows;
  • installation and maintenance of storage equipment;
  • connecting the correct software;
  • providing a full-fledged IT department;
  • user training for everything you need.

 Such systems are usually developed in collaboration with a software development vendor

Now all spheres of business are actively developing, so almost every forward-moving enterprise is quickly faced with the need to implement information systems that will help optimize some part of the company’s work. This is required to remain a competitive organization and reduce the resources that are used in production.

Here are a few signs that signal that it’s time to change:

  • employees have to spend a lot of time on routine and simple tasks that are easy to automate;
  • it is difficult to obtain operational information in order to make urgent decisions;
  • too many disparate products and programs that cannot be combined into one, modules and tables cannot be transferred from one software to another;
  • there is no objective and timely data on stock balances, the movement of finances, goods;
  • You cannot study and analyze reports outside the office, only from a specific computer in the workplace;
  • accounting documents are prepared for a very long time;
  • all sales and communication with customers, in general, is impossible complicated;
  • departments are difficult to interact with each other;
  • if there is an IT department, it functions with great difficulty;
  • there is no suitable level of control over the actions of personnel.

To reduce probable risks and remain confident that implementation is necessary, it is worthwhile to conduct a more thorough analysis of the company and what will change with its introduction.

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