Widgets and Layout for Android Developer and Android Game Developer

Widgets and Layout for Android Developer and Android Game Developer

You need to have a look at the widgets and the layout, as both of them are quite important in case of the Android developer. You need to know that these play an important role. We are going to have a complete look at the widgets and the layout. A toolbox comes with the android just like the android. These are being used to make the simple interfaces as well as they are being used to make the complex interfaces as well. These controls simplify the development process and you will reach the complex interface development as well that look awesome. This toolbox is certainly quite important and as a mobile application developer, you will certainly know the exact meaning and importance of the toolbox.ox.

We will just touch the highlights of the toolbox but we at first we will have a look at the layout as that needs a bit of discussion. We have the

Frame layout
Linear layout
Relative layout
Table layout and
the absolute layout

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We need to have a look at each of these layouts, as they are certainly quite important certainly. These are certainly the extension of the ViewGroup and are being used to control the position of the child controls on the screen and that is certainly quite important. If you feel that Android development environment is not object oriented programming language then you certainly need to think twice as this environment happens to be fully object oriented programming language. You will find slightly new syntax of each of the OOPS property in case of the android and you need to remember by heart. In case of the Android game developer, you are going to find even more number of layout options that make the development even more users friendly.

The entire above layout are being defined using the XML format and as an example for linear layout, everything goes in XML format. The case with all the above is the same as being discussed right now. The linear layout layers all the controls in a single line and this can be done using the vertical option and the horizontal option as well. The table layout gives a form of grid in rows and columns and it does look quite awesome. Similarly, the other entire layout does various types of placement of the controls on the small screen.

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Everything is tag based and classes go behind the scene. With each control you can have an event as well as it is a part of an activity. With features like this kind of mobile application development, everything has been made quite easier. You will find this set up quite easier as compared to the Objective C that we have been using in the past for the Android applications developer.

The one of the few disadvantages of the Android developer is certainly that the widget toolbox is not that rich. However, that is a future development requirement, to be considered by the android experts. However, this set up is just awesome and the biggest advantage is that it is quite open source.

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