How to Get the Best Bang for the Buck with RC Boats

RC Boats

Like with all other types of radio-controlled vehicles, there is a wide selection of RC boats to choose from depending on one’s specific preferences. Models vary from the very simple to the very complex, or more specifically electric engines against nitro and gas engines. Finally, they differ from the very cheap to the very expensive, and many other intricate details in between. So what does one need to look for to get the best bang for your buck and what models offer the most performance for their cost?

Technical Specs

First off, when deciding what model to purchase, if value for money is a priority one must pay attention to the type of powerplant chosen. Nitro and gas engines are more powerful, but they are more costly to buy, operate and repair compared with highly efficient electric engines. With proper maintenance, a hobby grade RC boat can work reliably for years, earning much higher value for money. A good tip to follow is to prefer brushless engines to brushed engines. Along with being quiet and easy to maintain, brushless engines offer much greater reliability and longer life-span than the brushed engine designs, which effectively makes the extra cost worth it in the long run.

Remote Controlled Boats with the Best Value

One of the perkiest performers in the boat RC world is the Helion Lagos Sport; it offers very high speed and safety for an extremely low price point. One also should not be worried about flipping it, as it its ergonomic structure is designed to flip itself over and keep sailing.

With a top speed of 25mph and a price of a little under 50 dollars, the 23” Balaenoptera Musculus is another great value for money item that guarantees fun and performance at a reasonable price. If one was to look for something a bit bigger the 30” Double Horse Century Twin Motor Racer is the perfect choice due to the fact that its two electric engines give it a performance comparable to much more expensive gas models at a fraction of the price. If a person is just starting and speed is not the prime interest, NQD’s Mini High Speed Mosquito Boat offers a cheap, maneuverable and reliable boat to learn with before passing to bigger models.

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