5 Video Downloading Apps to Enjoy Your Favourite Videos


The downloading is of huge utility to the people. People can save a lot of time using these apps. Any type of content can be downloaded like pictures, videos and music audio files. People can download all the things from such app providers.

There are restrictions on some things which can’t be downloaded from the internet. We need a particular application to make all those downloads hopping.There are many applications that can be used in order to download the content from the internet. Some of the applications that help us to download are following:

  • TubeMate: this is a very interesting application to download the videos. This application helps in saving content from all social media applications. This even helps to save the status of the friends from all social media platforms.Multiple videos can be downloaded which belong to your playlist. Users can also convert video file into audio files. Trending videos will automatically arrive in this application without opening any social media application.
  • Free video downloader: You can make the download anytime you want by the resume feature on the application. The interface is good and easy to use. You don’t have to open the application again and again to watch the content that you’ve saved as the downloaded files gets saved to your gallery. The features are similar to other applications but the simple interface and quality of download is what is better.
  • Vidmate: Vidmate apk is free and you don’t have to pay a single penny to your application provider. This Application not only helps in making the video downloading but also helps you to download bulky videos like movies. The fast speed of downloads make it even worth using and one of the most unique function is that you can even protect your application and the content that user has saved by enabling pass code function. Option of Live TV makes it even more unique and convenient to use.
  • Advanced Download Manager: This application helps in downloading videos directly from the browser that the user is using. Also multiple files can be downloaded easier. What’s unique is that this application claims to have a speed of download that is approximately 9 times more than other downloading applications. The interface is easy to understand and anyone can use it.
  • Download Manager: This application is not supported by every social media application but the features of this application are eye catching. It allows you to save multiple videos at a time. It also provides a stop and resume video downloading feature so that you can pause the video downloading and resume it when you want to. Also all the media file gets saved to your application and you can even apply a pass code on the application for data security & privacy.

All of the above applications are top rated by users and is helpful for many purpose. It is up to the user as to the selection of the application that suits his/ her requirements. The brass tacks are that the downloading feature is common among all.

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