Basic Computer Maintenance Tips

Computer Maintenance

If the computer is not performing well, or it shuts down unexpectedly, it is the right time to perform that basic maintenance tips. It is recommended to periodically update these tips to make sure that your devices are working with efficiency. Computer maintenance is not a tedious task, it just requires your day-to-day effort and carefulness while using your devices. It is vital to know how to browse the internet with appropriate keywords so that you can find better solutions to your technical problems if you are looking for a way to save money, but the best and the most reliable option is to let the experts handle it. The tips are easy to follow, they just need basic technical know-how. The basic Computer Repair Agency Ottawa maintenance tips are: 

  • Installing Current Operating system: It is vital to keep your operating system up to date, as that boosts the performance of the computer. It is recommended to run windows as the default setting for window updates in Install Updates Automatically, but there is a point to be considered and that is different apartments have distinctive settings.
  • If you want to check the updates, click on Start, select All Programs, and then select Windows Updates. If you see any update notification, you must click the Install Updates button. This process will ask for a restart after the updates are completed installing. 
  • If you are looking to check the settings for window updates, you must click on the START, select All Program, and select Window Update. There is an option of Change Setting on the left side and the option selected for installing windows updates is listed among the Important Updates.  
  • Clean Your Window Disk: You can utilize Disk Clean-up to decrease the number of unwanted files on the drives, which can help your PC run efficiently. It tends to delete temporary files and system files, clear the recycle bin, and remove other things that you might not require in the long run. Experts recommend cleaning the Disk thoroughly twice a month if you want to ensure the successful operation of your devices. 

You can follow the following procedure to delete the files: 

  • Open Disk Clean-up from the desktop, Click Start, point to All Programs Accessories System Tools and click Disk Clean-up. The Disk Clean-up dialog box would pop up. It would take a while to figure out, what files need to be deleted. In the Disk Clean-up dialog, choose the checkboxes for the file types that you want to remove, click OK, and click delete files. 


  • Protection Software: The other key tip to maintain the devices is to run malware software for protection. It is recommended to run software updates and scan the computers at least once a week. You should pay attention and ensure that your computer is free from malware. Updating software is crucial for your computers if you want your device to perform efficiently.
  • Cleansing the clutter in the Internet Browser: One of the most effective pieces of advice is to keep clearing the cache and cookies from your Internet browsers. It is suggested to repeat the task twice a week.
  1. Clear cookies to fix: It is an advisable option if you are facing sign-in problems or if you get error messages regarding setting user cookies. 
  2. Cleanse cache to fix: It is suggested to do so when pages get freezes up or don’t finish loading, outdated pages with old content, and online applications that do not respond effectively.

These are the basic Computer Repair Services tips that you can implement in your daily life to ensure effective functioning of the computers and uninterrupted utilization.   


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