Eld Today – Gives Birth To A New Era


Eld Mandate is now introduced with an easy installed hardware and ready to use software. With a customer base of over 10,000 Trucking companies, using the system, Eld Mandate has been crowned the A+ ratingwith the Better Business Bureau. Customer ratings have been received 9.8 out of 10on the Trust Pilot. Thus eld devices has now appeared to have a logbook compliance solution along with the following feats:

  • hardware installation is made very simple
  • technician assistance is almost not required
  • software platform is very user friendly and simple
  • friendly professionals are always there for demo and answer the queries

Today Eld Mandate comes up with a proper registration and self –certification with FMCSA and is 100% acquiescent with the new instructions and is updated on a regular basis to sustain any further statute,revisions or instructions.

  • FMCSA SUBMISSIVE – an enormous number of fleets have picked Eld Mandate as their business partners so as to guarantee FMCSA agreement.
  • INEXPENSIVE PRICES – the cheapest ELD solution with a negligible monthly authorization charge and low or no upfront pricing
  • OPTIMAL SAFETY SCORE– audit times reduced, pass through reviews and remove desecrations
  • PROGRESSIVE OPERATIONS – controlling tasks reduced with Hours of Serviceperceptibility and real time vehicle tracing
  • PROVISION FOR DRIVERS–online and backend sustenance is there for 24*7*365 days for any support obligatory
  • CLARIFICATIONSALL THAT IS NEEDED–no matter it is in case of owner operator or a n owner of a large fleet, Eld Mandate is always there.

Elite characteristics of the eld devices

  • Exclusive offers on first time use
  • Establishes the required supporting documents
  • Prohibits harassment of drivers
  • Cross checking is possible from home or office
  • Sustenance for Drivers
  • Cost to the User
  • Security Score Escalation

Service Hours solutions are offered to the fleet operators by the process of connecting the hardware to the software via Bluetooth. Truckers just need to sign in to the online application and start their voyages while their Service records are maintained automatically. Thus they feel relaxed, comfortable and confident about their HOS compliance by using this competent and user-friendly tracking device with the resulting features:

  • Advanced technology is used to accept new requests and transition to new regulations with software updates.
  • HOS status real time is obtained by the drivers and the back office staffs.
  • Managers and dispatchers are kept in touch with resting hours to get the goods delivered securely and within time.
  • Immediate alerts are shared with the driver to prohibit violations before they untimely run out of hours.

The main objective of these eld devices for sale is the safety and comfort of the drivers on long hikes, easy maintenance of their job reports, and save time. Eld mandate is super cool to use which makes one not only accessible but also benefits him with the convenience of going paperless, saving time and avoiding violations.

Hence they deliver all that you need now!




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