Honda Grazia Enters Top 10 Brands in Lead Position


Honda is a motor company and well known in the world for manufacturing best automobiles including bikes, cars, scooter, and power equipment.

It is the world largest company in terms of motorcycle manufacturing and has a history of being the most reliable but sellers. It is a Japan-based company and manufactures other heavy bodies like marine engines, generators, and personal aircraft. It recently has been involved inthe making of robotics. It is technologically advanced and has a reputation for making the best bikes in the world with amazing and unique designs and irresistible features to make your journeys smooth and adventurous.

The Honda Grazia is one of the most stylish scooters launched in the market. It came to us in 2017 and has magnetic specifications. They include the following.

  • It has a 124.9 cc engine to support long distances and give smooth rides and long life to your scooter.It has 1 cylinder and 2 valves per cylinder installed into it. Its maximum power is 8.52bhp which gives 6500rpm. Its maximum torque is 10.54Nm and provide 5000rpm.
  • The carburetorgives efficient fuel delivery to the automobile and its cooling system include a fan for a quick cool down and prevent heating of the engine. It also prevents dust and debris to accumulate in its machinery.
  • It has a self-starting mechanism and is best for girls, also with a kick start in case of emergency with the self-start mechanism. Most scooters have a self-start mechanism these days.
  • The honda grazia has a fuel capacity of 5.3 liters, enough for long drives, a reserve fuel capacity for spare. It has an excellent mileage of 54 kilometers per liter and overall riding range of 286.2 km which is finer than standard scooters in the market.
  • It also has a v-matic clutch, drum brake for front brake and drum(CBS) for real break. The front disc and rear discs are 130mm and 130mm respectively, equal in both.
  • The kerb weight is 107 kilograms, easy to ride and handle, with a length of 1812mm and width of 687mm. The height of the bike is 1146mm and its wheelbase is 1260mm. The bike is super handy for boys and girls. It is idealfor middle-aged and old age people who love to drive independently. It is compact in size and its weight is not as heavy as most automobiles available in the market.
  • The colors available in this scooter range are red, black, grey, metallic black blue and orange. It’s coming for a prize of 63, 169 INR. The scooter is super stylish, easy to ride and its beautiful color will make you fall in love with this automobile.

Bikes are heavy and not ideal for everyone because of its high pick-up, fast speed and heavy weight. Scooters are a good substitute for short and long rides, for daily traveling to colleges, offices and super markets. They are ideal for students, housewives and middle-aged section. They also are in trend because of their compact design which takes less space in garages and porch.

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