How to Choose the Best 4K UHD Bluray Player System to Enjoy an Ultimate Sound Experience

4K UHD Bluray Player System

If you’re an avid fan of console games who wants to experience the best, latest, & the most flexible technology – then Microsoft Xbox One S will be just apt for you!

If you’re just wondering how Microsoft Xbox One S is superior to its closest rival Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – then here’re few important reasons to consider. First of all, if you want to enjoy a decent & pleasant UHD Bluray experience along with the sheer gaming capacities, then Microsoft Xbox One S offers you all these facilities at an affordable price. In fact, it is considered to be the “Best 4K UHD Bluray Player System” that comes with a bitstream audio & the premium, powerful, and brand new Dolby Atmos sound format (including the other gaming capacities). Here to note, Microsoft has recently announced about this feature which will be packed with their latest Xbox version (compatible with Windows 10).

Apart from being the best 4K UHD Bluray player system, Xbox One S also supports 4K upscaling and HDR technology for a wide variety of exciting gaming range. Obviously, its built-in 4K UHD Bluray player system and the latest HDR allow this gadget to make a stiff competition with Sony’s PS4.

However, you may complain that Sony PS4 formally supports native 4K gaming. Whereas, Xbox One S has weaker processing chops & its platform doesn’t support native 4K gaming. Here to note, Sony’s console supports only a small range of games that feature the native 4K gaming and a larger portion of games just offer 4K upscaling. That’s why Xbox One S is a more prevalent option while compared to Sony Playstation 4 Pro.

Obviously, with bitstream audio & Dolby Atmos sound, Xbox One S becomes the most attractive option for passionate gamers. And, using this modern gadget, they will surely enjoy the cutting-edge and supreme UHD home entertainment.

In the US, the usage of audio systems that offers Dolby Atmos capability is pretty limited. However, the sheer brilliance and superior quality of this “object-based” rich sound format are unquestionably excellent. Be it a 4K TV, AV receiver, soundbar or Xbox One S – you will definitely enjoy an incredibly pleasant home entertainment with this brand new sound format. Thus, Xbox One S now offers you the absolute benefits of cutting-edge upscaled HDR gaming experience featuring a wide variety of exciting & complex game, audio encoding, and the ultra-sophisticated 4K UHD Bluray sound system (which was earlier found only in the expensive versions of standalone 4K BD players from the brands like Panasonic or Samsung).

This new important feature addition (inclusion of Dolby Atmos) of Xbox One S boosts its overall 4K Bluray chops. Thus, Xbox One S provides a tough competition to Sony’s PS 4. Also, considering all these aforementioned features, Xbox One S is the most modest option to consider at this point of time. Most importantly, Dolby Atmos levels up its overall audio performance while making it a robust, professional & rich option than any other home theater system. Though the Dolby Atmos technology is comparatively new & uncommon but it’s being implemented slowly yet widely to provide the consumers an unmatched & unparalleled audio experience (similar to the brilliant quality of HDR video).

Another important part is – Microsoft’s new console, Xbox One S will not only support the latest Dolby Atmos from various 4K Bluray discs but also it will offer the exquisite power of object-based premium sound format for some of the compatible games which will be also released with One S.

What is even more impressive – the owners of the previous Xbox model i.e. non-4K Xbox one will be also upgraded to audio bitstream through its latest firmware update.

However, Microsoft has not yet confirmed about the timeline or any date from when the aforementioned updates will be available for old and new Xbox One consoles. And, we are not that sure if the Dolby Atmos update or Bitstream audio will make the sound experience even more impressive with the inclusion of the latest object-based DTS-X sound format. Here to note, DTS-X sound format is another leading audio format that is being used widely.

So, if you’re an owner of Xbox One S or an HDR 4K TV – then you will just need to spend an amount of $1,500 US dollars in order to purchase a Dolby Atmos-Compatible Sound System to enjoy the sheer experience of the “Best 4K UHD Bluray Player System”. Although, it may seem a bit pricey, however, the incredible combination of object-based sound and high dynamic range won’t disappoint you for sure!

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