Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – unveiling some notable features!

samsung galaxy note

Why people are considering Galaxy Note 5 as a fabulous Smartphone? Everyone is praising this new model of Samsung Galaxy Note range. Let’s see actually what the secret behind it is:

  1. Introduction: It is the latest Smartphone of Samsung which has easily won the appreciation of the users due to its fabulous features. It is on sell since August of this year. It is available among the retail stores of US at $999. At other places it can be bought through various online stores. It is being sold through Amazon at 605 and through eBay at an unbelievable price 457.28 pound.
  2. Storage, memory and processor: Well as we all know that Samsung has never disappointed its users. The same can be seen in Galaxy Note 5. You would really fall in love with its 64 bit Samsung Exynos, octa-core processor. You get choice of internal storage between 64 or 32 GB.
  3. Size and weight: The weight of this amazing handset is 171g and its measures are 153.2×76.1×7.6mm.
  4. Screen: This amazing handset flaunt with its enormous 5.7in screen; whose utility is enhanced through superb Quad HD (2560×1440, 518ppi) and awesome AMOLED technology.
  5. Software: As far as software is concerned, you can see it preloaded with astonishing Android Lollipop 5.1, along with and LTE Cat 6 connectivity. This Smartphone has marvelous dual band of 802.11ac Wi-Fi. NFC, MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2 and fingerprint scanner, are also offered in this.
  6. Battery and charger: Galaxy Note 5 surprise it users with wonderful 3000mAh battery. Sat charging is supported in this handset through wired as well as wireless charging. The wireless charging seems to be superb for supporting PMA and WPC.
  7. Camera: Samsung has endeavoured to provide amazing clicking experience through 5Mp rear and 16Mp back camera and features like optical image stablisation. You can install the camera without putting in much effort, by double clicking the home.
  8. Writing options: Samsung’s S Pen stylus has been redefined in Galaxy Note 5. Its helps to give a balanced experience while holding and writing on it. You would be able to write even with off screen. The brilliant Air Command mode is additionally intuitive.
  9. Colours: You can choose this amazing handset in stunning shades like:
  10. Gold Platinum
  11. Black Sapphire
  12. White Pearl
  13. Silver Titanium
  14. Precaution: You should be clear in mind that wrong insertion of the S Pen can permanently ruin its Stylus detection. So, it is always advisable to read the given manual to understand the working of the handset.
  15. Samsung Pay options: Making payments can be an easy procedure through its Samsung Pay Option.

Our guess is that our article provided you with the ample information to understand some of the remarkable features of Galaxy Note 5. Now, you have to decide, if it is the ideal handset for you.

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