Specs of LG G7 will amaze you


LG is going to launch its next champ in the beginning of the New Year. The upcoming hero LG G7 will bring you many sophisticated deliberated features: more powerful, more stunning, more reliable. With LG G6, although the company has achieved a great success, the phone has many drawbacks which might be overcome by the release of LG G7 next year.


The fine processor of G6 – Snapdragon 821 is not as good as the processor of Galaxy S8 (Snapdragon 831SoC). To make its charm place in the market, LG is going to station the latest processor in its LG G7. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC in G7 will make a huge hit next year with its amazing GPU – Adreno 630 powered by 10nm LPP process.


LG G6 operates on Android 7 and will be updated to eight, but so far we have what we have. This is how the choice of the application format. There is such a thing as a memory optimizer, shopping cart application in which unnecessary pre-installed applications simply switched off and removed after 7 days. In this version of the OS, the LG abandoned the application menu to someone, this approach may not like. Not removing the ability to “play” with the control buttons; they can be interchanged to remove, add desired, up to 4 pieces. So many great features LG has given us with its LG G6 and now is the turn for the next beast of LG, the LG G7. The stylish LG G7 will make a huge hit with its Android O version and other spectacular features like its screen, sensors, battery (4000mAh) and much more.

Talking about G6, you can configure the size of the labels, change the animation, and choose the size of the grid on the main menu screen. Still not sure about the function that supports time and notices even on the lock screen. Volume buttons can be customized to specific applications for convenience. It provides the entire current firmware version, only functions will be added over time, and it cannot but rejoice. Hope with LG G7, we could enjoy more with these sorts of options and features. Moreover, the 6GB RAM is awesome.

Battery capacity

That’s what really upset in G6 – its autonomy. Although the video at the maximum brightness of the unit loses a very long time – 8 hours battery size is not enough for a full day even moderately active use. Only if you take the device in your hands occasionally, until the evening, he will live. Hopefully, future versions of the firmware with the autonomy of a little increase, then the only negative unit will come to naught, but as long as autonomy – a fly in the ointment, alas. The good news is that now we can breathe a sigh of relief, LG G7 is going to rock the autonomy with its Non-removable Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery capacity that can last for about more than two days without getting into the zone of ultra-warm too early. LG G7 is ready to compete with its major rival Samsung: Galaxy S8 and S9.


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