The Best DSLR Camera for the Beginners

DSLR Camera

Since the invention of the camera, the mankind has been crazy behind taking pictures. The generations of the camera have changed, but still the innovation in this field has not ended. The camera size has been reduced but, on the other hand, the result in terms of picture quality has been improved with every evolution of camera. Due to this only, the purchase of a camera is not considered as an easy task these days. Nowadays, people are fonder of capturing memories and they are making the best use of the DSLR cameras. There are many entry level cameras which will help the users to take the full advantage of the features so that they can take their photo shoot session to a next level. The cameras are the best options for beginners to start their photoshoot activities. All these cameras are available at

You can go for many branded cameras which provide more megapixels compared to others. Their performance is very good in case of shooting whether you are clicking pictures in the low light or the normal light. You can easily change the lenses depending on your requirements, and you can operate it manually for effective results.

Some of the mid-range cameras

  • Canon EOS 1300D

This camera is the best choice for the beginners who are looking for a many new features. You can go for this camera because of its mid-range price, and it is easily available in the markets. The users can also buy this DSLR from online. The specifications are really nice, and that’s why it attracts the buyers in a large amount.

This camera comes with 18 MP and records the video in 1920×1080 resolutions. You can effortlessly click pictures and capture some amazing memories in high definition clarity. It comes with a screen size of 2.7” inches. It is equipped with many connectivity features such as HDMI, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The ISO rating of this camera is 100-6400.

Prominent specifications

  • It comes with 18 MP
  • LCD with screen size 2.7” inches
  • Battery lasts till 500 shots
  • Focal length is 18-55 mm
  • ISO is 100-6400
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Lithium battery
  • CMOS sensor
  • SD Card is compatible
  • Nikon D3300

It is the best camera which is made by Nikon. This camera is easily affordable, and its specifications are widely appreciated. It has many amazing features which attract the buyers. The camera comes with 24.2 MP. The screen size of this camera is 3” inches. It comes with LCD type display, and it has a tripod socket where the users can attach the tripod stand for clicking some beautiful shots.

It consists of a CMOS type sensor. The focal length of the camera is 18-55 mm. The camera gives the best performance to the beginners as well as the professionals. The camera is equipped with a lithium battery, and it is compatible with an SD card slot for the storage of the pictures. For better results, the user can go to

Prominent specifications

  • The camera comes with 24.2 MP
  • It comes with an LCD of 3” inches
  • Focal length is 18-55 mm
  • SD card is compatible
  • Lithium battery
  • CMOS sensor
  • Continuous shoot with 5Fps
  • Canon 1200D

With the best price range, this camera comes with many specifications which can be easily used by the beginners. The beginners can control all the settings manually. It comes with 18 MP with an LCD of 3” inches. Tripod socket is also present in this mid-range DSLR.

It is equipped with the CMOS sensor type which makes it more functional. The focal length of the camera is 18-55 mm which is widely appreciated by the users. The performance of the camera is very good, and you can easily click some incredible shots from it. It consists of a lithium battery, and it supports the additional SD card where you can store a huge amount of pictures.

Prominent specifications

  • It comes with 18 MP
  • The camera is equipped with TFT LCD of 3” inches
  • Lithium battery
  • Focal length is 18-55 mm
  • The Lens can be changeable
  • CMOS sensor
  • SD card compartment
  • Nikon D3200

It has a good built-in quality which allows the users to hold the camera in a right posture. The camera comes with 24.2 MP and is known for its good specifications and killer features. This camera comes with a good screen size of 3” inches, and the LCD attracts the users.

It comes with a focal length of 18-55 mm. A tripod socket is also equipped in the hardware. Its performance is very good as it is equipped with the CMOS sensor. It comprises with Li-Ion battery and is compatible with the SD card option.

Prominent specifications

  • The camera has 24.2 MP
  • The Display is 3” full LCD
  • Continuous shoot with 4Fps
  • CMOS sensor
  • SD card compatible
  • Equipped with Lithium battery
  • Nikon D3400

This is the top pick camera by the users. It somewhat looks like the D3300, but it offers many specifications which are very impressive. It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with 24.2 MP and CMOS sensor. The screen comes with 3” inches LCD.

It is the best camera for the beginners to experience a good photo session. The focal length of this camera is 18-55 mm.

Prominent specifications

  • It comes with 24.2 MP
  • LCD screen with 3” inches display
  • Video resolution is 1080p
  • Shooting speed is 5Fps
  • CMOS sensor

The users can go for the DSLR manual and many important tools so that they can easily access the camera. For reference, they can visit the site of You can easily shoot the enormous number of pictures with the help of the tripod stand. The beginners can take the help of the experts and the professionals so that it will be beneficial for them.

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