The Best Friendship Movies Produced by Bollywood


When you talk about friendship, it is all about love, passion, compassion and spirit of friends. Well, this blend of emotions and feelings can be found in a few amazing movies of Bollywood. There are some amazingly friendship oriented movies out there that would give you serious friendship goals for sure.

Of course, if you have never actually bothered to watch friendship oriented movies then it is time that you do that. These movies are going to fill you with fun, enjoyment and excitement. Below are enlisted a few of these friendship movies that would definitely ensure you a great time. Keep your popcorns ready along with your favour Beverage to enjoy the flicks after reading this post!

DilChahtaHai (2001)

You all have heard about this movie, haven’t you?  This is a great movie that would compel you to talk to your bygone friends. The movie is all about normal people and their friendships and fights and deep rooted love. You would love the characters in this movie and it is a great flick for anyone. You watch DilChahtaHai and you are definitely be tempted by friendship!

Anand (1971)

Okay, so now this is a movie from back 1971 and there is a strong chance that you might not have watched it. This movie is not only a story about random friendship but it is a lot beyond that. The titular role is played by the first superstar of Bollywood Rajesh Khanna. He plays the role of a terminally-ill patient. Anand teaches his teacher who eventually turns out to be his friend, the real meaning of life and how a person should live it to the most.  There are good meaning messages in this movie and it gives you the friendship depth that you might be seeking for. This movie has to be on your bucket list! This is one of the movies that are going to be staying with you forever.

Dosti (1964)

Have you actually watched this movie or heard about it? It is one of the oldest Bollywood movies that anyone could recall on friendship. The movie actually defines the saying ‘a friend in need, is a friend indeed.’  This movie is apt for everyone who really wants to know about what friendship is all about. You would love it to the fullest and get to learn something interesting and important too.

3 Idiots

And it is the movie that all of you might have already watched.  If you have not watched this movie then you might not be a big fan of movies in any sense.  This amazing story of Rancho, Raju, and Farhan has all to do with what true friendship is supposed to be like. The movie is absolutely funny, emotional, touching and a flick that you can watch a thousand times. The oomph of the film is the strong bond they share that reminds you of your friends and gang that used to be this way.


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